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Pérez Law, PC is a law firm that represents plaintiffs who have been suffered personal injuries in California caused by car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slips and falls, physical or sexual assaults, dog bites, and animal attacks, including wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries.

We have a reputation for providing our clients with aggressive and effective representation in order to achieve the best possible result in each case. The goal of every insurance adjuster is to save the insurance company as much money as possible, and adjusters are far more likely to try to take advantage ...


Pérez Law, PC is a law firm that represents workers who have been injured on the job. The California workers’ compensation system is complicated and difficult to navigate, and workers’ compensation insurance companies fight aggressively in order to pay as little as possible and provide the bare minimum of medical treatment. The workers’ compensation system was designed by the insurance companies, and they have at their disposal legally valid tactics to deny your case, deny or delay your medical treatment and benefits, and send you to doctors who will give you reports that favor the insurance company’s interests...


Sexual harassment and assault is much more common than most people think, especially in the workplace. While the public has only recently become more aware of the prevalence of these abuses thanks to the #MeToo movement, federal and state law has long recognized that victims of sexual assault need to be protected and remedies created to provide compensation. Both men and women can be victims of unwanted touching, verbal and visual harassment, assaults, and rape.

Oftentimes out of fear of losing their job, victims will keep quiet about these abuses and sometimes even submit to unwanted sexual activity ...


An incident of child sexual abuse is a detestable crime that can cause long-lasting, painful mental and emotional damage to a child victim. The majority of sexual crimes against children are committed by people who the child knows and trusts, and the child can feel reluctant to speak about this abuse for fear of negative repercussions.

We at Pérez Law have experience with cases of child sexual abuse and assault, and we can take on the legal burden and fight for the justice your child deserves, whether he/she has been abused by a teacher, family member, babysitter, etc. Not only have we won millions of dollars for our child ...

About Us

We are counselors, strategists, advocates, negotiators, and trial attorneys. Our team seeks to meet the needs of our clients through aggressive, ethical, and honest representation

Each attorney and staff member at Pérez Law is commited to these values, and we are all part of one firm dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients through teamwork and mutual support. We are dedicated to our clients and put them before everything and everyone else. As our client, we strive to deliver strategic services to help you achieve your goals. We are a hard-working, energetic, and skilled team of professionals that strive to provide direct and timely communication throughout all the stages of your case. We believe it is essential to again our clients' trust and loyalty by maintaining open and honest communication. We have a passion for our work, and an unshakeable dedication to our clients' interests. This is why the majority of our cases come to us through client referrals.
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Avvo trusted

Words can't express my gratitude to Ricardo for giving me such a great experience in terms of consultation and representing me. Ricardo was very responsible with every little detail throughout the case and made sure I was caught up with all the information and dates. Needless to say, I won't be going anywhere but here. Thanks again!

Winston L

Personal Injury Client

I must commend Mr. Ricardo Pérez and his staff for their outstanding customer service. I was in a MVA (Mar 17) and desperately needed someone to represent us. We had many options but decided the best option for us was Pérez Law. They stayed open late to hear our situation and calm our angst.

The doctors they recommend are good and work with you. Unfortunately the communication between doctors, insurance companies, lawyers, and client (me) hit a snag on the road during the process. Fortunately for us, Ricardo and his team took the situation and went above and beyond to fix the issues to ensure there was constant communication. I must point out that Ricardo even gave me an update on my case while he was sick at home. This speaks volumes. He delivered the kind of results that would make me return if I ever need legal services again.

Everyone at Perez Law is communicative and vested in your case, I highly recommend their services.

James L

Personal Injury Client

On February 28th, Perez Law had to be the 20th call of the day... I had been trying to get an attorney to take my case and the only response I heard all day was "sorry, we can't help you...".

Ricardo Antonio Perez (I won't ever forget that name) changed that... although he knew he could not take my case, it didn't stop him from giving me the time of the day and some much needed guidance to point me in the right direction. His advice was genuine and empathetic; not the norm in this industry. It is evident that Mr. Perez has a true passion for what he does and on that day he reminded me that there is still some good hearted people in this world who really do give all that they are to help others; thank you for that.

Monica Elena R.

Personal Injury Client

I would like to say how pleased I am with Perez Law Corporation, especially Mr. Ricardo.
He was the reason that I have won a case that I thought I would never win.
He keeps on trying without giving up, doing teamwork with his son, one heart, one hand, and I was able to win my case.
Even though my English is not that good, he did not care, he helped me till the last breath.
He did not care about the money or abou time, he just wanted to win the case and he eventually did.
Please don't hesitate contacting with Mr. Ricardo.

Dorene N.

Personal Injury Client

Mr. Richardo Perez saw me the same day I called. I was in some serious need of encouragement after a physical altercation at work and when I kept getting mixed advice from friends and family I knew I needed to talk to a professional.

As soon as I walked into his office I knew he was the real deal. Immediately I was greeted by his receptionist with a warm smile and when I met with Mr. Perez he inspired a sense of comfort and confidence that I desperately needed. Altho I did not open a case with him he was kind enough to share his knowledge and point me in the right direction. If my situation at work worsens I will certainly be coming back to him.

Jairo Z

Personal Injury Client

I can see why there are such great reviews about Pérez Law, I had a great experience here! I got the help I needed quick, I must say everything was done in a timely manner. Ricardo and Axel are very welcoming and helpful with any questions I had. I was confident that if I had a question Axel would get back by phone or email quickly! I will refer them to anyone in the same situation and I highly recommend using them.

Valerie F.

Personal Injury Client

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